ALOHA Collection was born out of a love of travel, adventure, and the ocean.

Founded by surfer/flight attendant Rachael Leinaʻala, and Kauaʻi native Heather Aiu, in the summer of 2014 with a single bag, a shared dream, and a Kickstarter campaign. 

Their initial launch was a success and soon after the brand took off. Retailers in Hawaiʻi were quick to embrace the line as these bags were unlike anything else on the market. As more doors opened, ALOHA Collection’s popularity grew. Today you can find ALOHA Collection fans all over the world. 

ALOHA Collection collaborates with notable brands like Free People, The Four Seasons, Jack Johnson, Coola Suncare, and Kealopiko.

This California-based brand with Hawaiian roots has grown into a true lifestyle brand. 

When not at home, you will find Heather and Rachael running through international airports, cruising cafes in Europe, working from taxis in NYC, or strolling on the beaches of Hawaii looking for their latest inspiration.