SHAN thrives on achieving perfection through the design of its creations. Attention to detail is of capital importance for Chantal Levesque: it transpires in every creation, from a simple shirt to the most technical swimsuit. Maintaining a vertically integrated structure within the enterprise represents a major asset for a luxury creation house. SHAN benefits from a great flexibility in its product design and manufacturing, allowing a better understanding and satisfaction of its clients’ needs.

With its drapes, pleats and top stichings, a SHAN creation is synonym for superior quality, innovation and luxury. Through its know-how and experience, SHAN’s manufacturing team master the male and female anatomy allowing them to create made-to-measure products which fits the body in a structured and comfortable manner.

Every new collection evolves just as the loyal customers who have followed SHAN from its beginning. The SHAN experience is for all ages and can be passed down through generations.

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